Atomic Learning recently announced there Tech Assessment program for students, just in time for Thanksgiving Break, which means most Texas schools won’t be able to use the assessment to assess 9th graders who were 8th graders during 2007-2008 school year.

However, it’s perfect in advance of the 8th grade technology literacy assessments scheduled for end of school year, 2008-2009! Whether this assessment will be any better than, InfoSource Learning’s Simple Assessment, or other assessment options…that’s another question.

Here’s a little information from their email announcement:

Assess student technology comprehension based on ISTE NETS-S 2007.
Atomic Learning’s Tech Skills Assessment helps you gauge technology skill levels, demonstrating skills can actually be applied.

  • Pre test students to identify gaps
  • Implement skills-based projects in the curriculum to target those gaps
  • Final test to gauge tech literacy levels
How is the Tech Skills Assessment unique?
  • Focused on how to use technology and how to apply it
  • Correlated to ISTE NETS-S 2007 standards
  • Easy identification of areas of greatest instructional need
  • Includes curriculum projects to target technology gaps
  • Comprehensive reporting system scalable to the needs of a district of any size
  • Can be completed in a single class period
  • Available with a subscription to the Technology Skills Collection

From what I can see, this assessment may not be free but dependent on a district’s purchase of other offers, effectively pricing it out of the budget of several districts.

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