What’s the problem? I don’t have a blu-ray player and no plans to get one right away. Why? The price is out of budget. And, instead of spending money on DVDs for family members’ stockings, my wife and I will spend the money (or not) on something else.

Denon Electronics, makers of high end home theater equipment, have announced they will be giving away free copies of both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight in Blu-ray with the purchase of any one of their three standalone Blu-ray players.

The three players are the $749 USD DVD-1800BD, $999 DVD-2500BTCI or $1,999 DVD-3800BDCI, and the timeframe to purchase them is between Nov. 23 and Jan. 10. After the purchase, simply fill out a claim form and send in the proof of purchase from the player and the company will send the two Blu-ray films back to you.
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What is disappointing is that Blu-Ray players are so doggone expensive! Even if that changes, I’m now looking more seriously at hooking up the Internet near the TV so we can stream from Netflix (less than $10 a month) directly to our computer-connected TV…but still not sure how to do this short of calling the cable folks to come in and rewire our house. Suggestions?

In the meantime, we’re pretty much locked into the “old” DVDs. Even if prices drop on Blu-Ray players, will they drop fast enough?

According to the LA Times, analysts have indicated that manufacturers will reduce the price of Blu-ray players to as low as $150. The holiday season is normally when formats are pushed the most. DVDs had a spectacular holiday season and pushed into mainstream by the release of the Matrix many years ago.

Many analysts are speculating that The Dark Knight will be the title that will push Blu-ray into mainstream this year. However, as I have mentioned above, there are several factors that need to be considered, such as the state of the economy. If prices are not at the level they need to be, Blu-ray may miss the opportunity to hit the limelight this holiday season.
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