I was skimming one of the bloggers I enjoy disagreeing with, Justin at The EdJurist, and found a nifty effort that he and Jon Becker are working on. It occurred to me that this would be a great component to add to the TEC-SIG web site, or TCEA as a whole, and I hope the current leadership will consider getting this going!

Wouldn’t it be neat to have districts pool video interviews from leadership in their district on the importance of tech, prof dev, data warehousing, management, etc online? Make it easy to for members to put that content online themselves a la Edublogs.tv or Teachertube.com ?

Jon Becker and Justin are creating a series of video modules featuring Online School Law Guide topics; this is in for the National Association of Secondary School Principals. While the modules are inaccessible to non-members (big mistake), you can watch the overview at The Edjurist blog.

What are the chances of doing something like this but for school leaders, and featuring them for free–no membership required–on the TEC-SIG web site?

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