Earlier–when sharing the Winter Wonderland project–I asked if readers wouldn’t mind sharing what student projects were available…and Ann Farmer left this comment, which I’ve decided to “hoist” and share here:

I’m coordinating a collaborative writing project, Write On, that needs one more participating class!

Working together, ten groups of students will write and illustrate a story, hosted on the project wiki: http://writeonproject.pbwiki.com/.

Additionally, there’s a wiki page for each class to share information about their state or region. Fourth graders in Plainville, CT spend much of the school year studying regions and biomes. The information shared by other classes will help them in their studies.

…if you know of a teacher in your district who’d be interested in participating, please point them towards it. If anyone reading is interested, drop me a note at: farmera@plainvilleschools.org.

I just finished putting together another collaborative wiki project that will start this spring with second graders at one of my schools, and then carry over into next year when they are third graders. It’s for CT students only though, as they study about our state. The concept is easily modified for any state.
Toffolon Tiger Travels: http://toffolontravels.pbwiki.com/

I hope you’ll consider participating!

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