This situation came up…do you know the answer?

I am trying to burn a DVD short clip movie. How can you help me do it? I need this for a presentation.

Under the Fair use document I shared earlier (which Doug Johnson is sharing), I understood that…

…movie clips can be used for workshops/presentations described below.

Principle One states you can use a movie clip under fair use, however, is it against the law to circumvent copyright protections to get the clip? If I want a clip from a popular movie to use for a workshop, and I circumvent copyright to get it (maybe using Handbrake), have I broken the law as this comment below suggests?

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 “makes it a crime to circumvent anti-piracy measures.” “The DMCA, passed in 1998, prohibits the circumvention of copy protection and the distribution of devices that can be used to bypass copyrights–even if people using the devices don’t do anything illegal once they’ve broken the security.”

So, of what value is Principle One so long as DMCA is in effect? Is the person with the DVD blocked from circumventing copy protection to make a clip? What about a clip that is on YouTube?

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