My business – LifeShot – ’cause you only get one shot at life.
(Yeah, I made that up myself…probably already out there and it stuck in my memory)

I just spent 20 minutes playing a fun online game someone emailed me about today. Sheesh. Who would have thought I could run a business? Here’s the email:

My name is Julie Carney and I work with the National Federation of Independent Business’ (NFIB) Young Entrepreneur Foundation (YEF). I recently stumbled across your blog and am interested in your entries regarding technology and education – especially the “World Collide” entry, you brought up some good points!
Given your interest in education, I wanted to reach out to you with some information about our newly launched interactive game “Johnny Money Online Game.” This game is designed to teach high school students about entrepreneurship and running a small business. The game features host characters Johnny and Jenny Money and provides students the chance to run their own retail store for two years: They pay the bills, hire employees, buy inventory, set advertising budgets and even deal with unexpected events such as natural disasters and employee disputes.

We hope this game will serve as a great tool for teaching skills students can apply in their professional and personal lives and have built the game to allow teachers to customize the game to fit their own curriculum needs and provide us feedback to make it better.

I’d appreciate any time you might have to review the game and provide us feedback—as well as spread the word with your readers, if you think it has merit. Here’s a link to the game,, as well as background on YEF,
Also, at NFIB we believe in recognizing bloggers who have an interest in education and new technology and would be more than happy to post a link to your blog in our ‘NFIB in the Blogs” page of if you choose to cover us or our new game.

Thank you for your consideration!

The game took awhile to load, but not TOO long (I blinked and it was on) and was easy to follow. In a lot of ways, it reminded me of one of the Diner Dash games where you have to manage multiple elements to succeed. Whether it teaches sound business principles, that’s another question and I’m not sure I’m qualified to answer. However, it was fun and I could easily see this as an online game folks could use for instruction…what do you think?

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