With 164 blogs and more coming online–we’re using an Apple Blog/Wiki xServe–every day, I’m tempted to do a victory dance (don’t count on it). One of the challenges is keeping up with the content from that many teacher blogs. So, to help keep track of it, I’ve decided to feature a few blogs per week in MY blog (Embracing Technology for Powerful Conversations), as well as encourage folks to do a few podcasts and/or video.

One of the challenges is subscribing to all the content. So, I had the idea to create an OPML file of all the blogs. The data is stored in a Filemaker Pro database, where I track every new blogger that comes online. The database is set to create the blog URL based on the username, as well as the RSS feed.

Since I had my hands full on another project, I asked one of my team–Greg Rodriguez–to take a stab at building an OPML file using exported RSS feeds. After a few starts, he managed to get it.

My intent was to import these straight into Netvibes.com or PageFlakes.com, but neither was able to handle the load…I had more success importing into Google Reader then dropping the feed address into PageFlakes (i’d given up on Netvibes). Apparently, neither of the mega-services can handle 164+ blog RSS feeds at once…but GoogleReader can!

The OPML file essentially looked like this, and now, thanks to another team member (Claude Ascolese), my GET A BLOG Filemaker Pro database generates the OPML code…which means I can export the file, and publish the OPML file for others to download and import into their RSS reader of choice. Gee, am I a geek to get excited about that? Think about it…an easy way to track all the blogs popping up!

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<opml version="1.0">
<outline text="Miguel Guhlin, Embracing Technology for Positive Change" type="rss" xmlUrl="http://intouch.saisd.net/users/guhlin/blog/index.rss?"/>

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