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A fun conversation that began with Karen Kahan (who snuck away to chat with Scott and appears left above) and Dr. Joan Hughes (shown above, right) from the University of Texas at Austin. They were strolling down the hall and we all ran into each other…Karen promptly asked me if I was recording and I pulled out the digital audio recorder I was carrying and for fun, we recorded a podcast.

We chatted about Moodle, instructional design, and then the conversation got a lot more serious and fun.

The conversation touched briefly on Joan’s work, which I take a few notes on as she speaks:

  1. Schools developing new professional development programs and want to know about the long range impact of those on teacher practice and student learning.
  2. What do teachers/students know and do in and out of the classroom with technology…and try to understand the ecology of learning, rather than looking at it in isolation. Looking at pilot schools that might work with us.
  3. I teach classes for Master’s and PH.D students. One of my classes is on Technology leadership…I found technology leaders (e.g. CTOs, Superintendents, Teachers, etc) and students teamed up to shadow these persons, then analyze the data. They create a case of who is this leader, synthesize the research and realize it’s a complex thing. Looking for volunteers to create panels of students who learn in online situations, as well as teachers and leaders of the online programs.

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