Tomorrow, I get to co-present with Scott Floyd and Mike Gras from White Oak ISD at TechForum 2008 Southwest. Our Topic? Open Source Goes to School. The description is:

Open Source Goes to School
Christine Weiser (moderator); Miguel Guhlin, Scott Floyd and Michael Gras
Is education ready for free, open source solutions to education problems? According to our presenters, the answer is YES. They will share examples of how open source technology is allowing for open knowledge sharing—the creation of a global table at which student and educators share ideas—while saving money that can be used for staffing and other much-needed resources. Learn how students, teachers and administrators in their districts are using open-source software, including Moodle, NeoOffice, OpenOffice, WordPress and Joomia, to create an online world compatible with but outside the bounds of costly, proprietary software.

Here’s my presentation, although you can find more resources in the Moodle for TechForum 2008 (info on that further below):

Sign up for the TechForum2008 Moodle and join the conversation (or start one) below…

The enrollment key is “forum2008”

While I intend to podcast the preso, I’m hoping we’ll have an extra Mac to uStream it. See you tomorrow!

BTW, here’s a graphic organizer of some of the solutions one large urban school district is using (right click the image to view full-size):


  • Paul R. Wood live blogged the presentation
  • I fixed the password issue on the Moodle, so everyone should be able to login with “forum2008” enrollment key (no quotes, though).

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