I submitted a few proposals to COSN Conference taking place in March, 2009 in Austin, Tx. I thought I had something to share, but apparently, no. If this keeps up, I’ll have to go back to writing the Memoirs of the Ostrich Leader. On the plus side, one was accepted so I can’t whine TOO much .

Update: I’ve decided to pull this presentation. Doing one presentation at COSN during Spring Break just isn’t worth the effort. Maybe those of you who didn’t get in will have an opportunity.

  • ID #299 entitled “5 Steps to Successful Professional Learning for Teachers”

Here’s the standard message–which they sent me 3 times–with modified parts in red; I modified the original letter to reflect a better way (IMHO):

Thank you for submitting a proposal for a presentation at CoSN’s 14th Annual Conference. We received over 300 submissions and each one was reviewed by our conference committee to ensure that content met the aims and objectives of the conference and our attendees. Unfortunately, we were unable to accept your submission(s) shown below:

  1. ID # 134 entitled “Leaders’ Guide to Citizen Journalism” as a presentation this year.
  2. ID # 135 entitled “Our Children Walk Alone”
  3. ID # 137 entitled “Wiki While You Work”

Though your submission was not among those selected, we hope that you and your colleagues will still attend the conference and share your expertise with other participants. Registration is now open. As a participant you will broaden your understanding of crucial topics, learn about groundbreaking issues, and connect with your peers. The full conference agenda with session descriptions will be available by late November on the conference website: www.k12schoolnetworking.org.

In addition to attending the annual conference, we hope you will also consider attending CoSN’s 8th Annual International Symposium: Does Web 2.0 Belong in Schools: Policy, Issues & Leadership Challenges to be held March 10, 2009. This one-day symposium brings together researchers, key education technology leaders, and policy makers from around the world. The 2009 Symposium will focus on school policies which stimulate or constrain effective use of Web 2.0 applications; Cultural changes of the past decade impacting education; and the role of school leaders as transformational leaders of change.

Your interest and support of the Consortium for School Networking is greatly appreciated and we look forward to seeing you in March for this unparalleled professional development experience.

I’ll “endeavour to persevere” and see what happens next time. How do you handle rejection, whether of writing or conference proposals? I’m inclined to be disappointed because I miss another opportunity to interact with people face to face, to represent my work place to others and share what is working, what isn’t, and find out what the experience of others is.

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