Fascinating “new” tool for GNU/Linux users in manipulating CD image formats:

AcetoneISO2, aims to be the Swiss army knife at managing disc images. This utility can convert many different image formats, such as .nrg, .bin, and .img, to ISO, and can generate, compress, encrypt, extract, and mount ISO images. It can also mount Mac OS *.dmg files as images, rip DVDs to Xvid AVI files, split and merge images, and more.

Before you install AcetoneISO2 itself you must install a couple of packages to satisfy its dependency list, even if you install it from a binary package. AcetoneISO2 requires fuseiso and the p7zip tools to respectively mount and compress images. Once they’re in place you can install AcetoneISO2 from the source tarball or using one of the binary packages available for Slackware, Fedora, Ubuntu, Mandriva, ArchLinux, or openSUSE.
Source: http://www.linux.com/feature/150995

Definitely a must check utility on GNU/linux…of course, I’m sure I’ll be trying out Ubuntu Ibex soon, too!

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