Lisa Durff challenges us all to find a podcast we hadn’t ever heard before…not a problem for me since I’ve had this one open on my computer SINCE last week, but never listened to it before. In fact, I’d never heard of MoodleMan!! What a shock!

At both Moots I found myself presenting on how I use the “Podcast” Module at Riverview to deploy podcasts (and Vodcasts) to our students. The trial last term was such a success that I now struggle to keep up with the needs of staff.

I have created a video of this presentation and also attached to it a demo of how the module operates to give you all a taste of how this could possibly work for you within your own educational institution.
View Podcasting within Moodle

I loved the intro to Podcasting within Moodle, and wished I’d had known about it before! This makes uploading and sharing podcasts so easy within Moodle! No need for an external blog to handle that aspect.

Thanks, MoodleMan!

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