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Schools receiving e-Rate discounts on their telecommunications services and internet access soon will have to educate their students about online safety, sexual predators, and cyber bullying, thanks to federal legislation passed in both the Senate and the House.

Some of the main points include the following:

Requires schools receiving e-Rate funds to

  • teach students about appropriate behavior on social networking and chat room web sites, as well as
  • the dangers of cyber bullying.

Should school districts setup web sites where their students can report cyberbullying, as was done here:

A Brigham Young University student, Justin Bergener, created the site, which also lets students post information about thefts, drugs and harassment. Bergener said he hopes students who might otherwise be too scared or shy to speak up will be willing to post on the site. “There really is this culture and code of silence that’s particularly prevalent in middle schools and high schools,” Bergener said. . .“I think kids would feel more comfortable about reporting bullies that way,” Mortenson said. “They can safely report and not get bullied by the bully.”
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Visit the SchoolTipLine, a new web site for reporting Cyberbullying.

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