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Love this image from Alvin Hew’s Blog..his description is ” A warrior endures a powerful spell. “
Simply amazing. I’ve always read about how those violent video games heighten violence in humans, but now, I’m thrilled John Rice’s blog on a different approach, where gaming is a powerful spell that pacifies rather than agitates:

Here’s an interesting video over at The New Yorker about how a popular military video game is being used to treat post traumatic stress syndrome for soldiers returning from battle. The game is basically a modification of Full Spectrum Warrior, called Virtual Iraq. The basic idea with immersion therapy and other such treatments is to provide repeated exposure to the patient so that the negative reflexes become muted. I was particularly interested to note that smells can be introduced to the regimen, including diesel fumes. The olfactory glands are the biggest in the brain, and can trigger strong reactions and memories.
Source: John Rice, Educational Games Research

It’s fascinating to consider articles like the Chupacabra Psychological War Against Migrants, especially this excerpt:

It is what George Orwell warned about in his classic novel, 1984. Through psychological warfare, the world gets turned upside down. This is how bigots become patriots and how human rights champions become traitors. This is in full evidence everywhere, including Tucson, where Pima County Legal Defender, Isabel Garcia, is in danger of losing her job – over a piñata incident – in which she and many protestors urged Sheriff Arpaio to “get out of town.” Rather than the nation’s #1 racial profiler having to explain his policies, it is Garcia who is on the defensive. Phoenix Mayor, Phil Gordon, who also opposes Arpaio’s racial profiling, has also been put on the defensive.
Source: Educational Equity, Politics and Policy in Texas

Maybe we need a new video game that reflects anti-chupacabra war ideals!

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