Today, I took a few moments to publicize a podcast, I realized I hadn’t taken advantage of all the tools out there to get the job done. So, while I’m sure others have recounted the best ways to publicize a podcast and get it “out there,” here is my journey of exploration. I had simple criteria: 1) Easy and short; 2) Requires no account creation/money/MP3 promo clips; and 3) Not snobby. If you know of any others I missed, please be sure to share in the comments!

Of course, I’m not sure how successful these will be. I’ll try to report back in a month or two and see if the TechTips podcast has lots of subscribers or not!

Note that you can just click on ADD CAST to get to the submission screen.

Publicizing Podcasts: 13 FREE Services You Can Use

***Most of these will require you to have your RSS Feed and email address handy. Others may require a description and keyword/tags and/or selection of approriate category(ies).

1) Blogdigger (Add Cast): Just paste in your RSS feed and go!

2) ( Add Cast): Just paste in your RSS feed and go!

3) ( Add Cast): Just paste in your RSS feed and go!

4) Podcast Alley ( Add Cast): Meets criteria. Description expected.

5) ( Add Cast): Meets criteria.

6) Podcasting Station ( Add Cast): Very easy. Just enter in your RSS feed, select two categories, and it does the rest of the work. Shows you a confirmation page.

7) PodFeeder (Add Cast ): Meets criteria. Requires show name and a site URL (like your blog) in addition to RSS URL and category, tags required.

8) ( Add Cast): Meets criteria. Requires title, feed link, web site, image logo url, category, description, host info, location, language, keywords/tags.

9) ( Add Cast):

10) Podcast Pup ( Add Cast): RSS URL and email

11) PodLounge ( Add Cast): RSS URL and email

12) RSS Network ( Add Cast): Meets criteria.

13) Singing Fish ( Add Cast): Meets criteria. RSS feed and email requested. They also followed up with an email thanking me for entering content.

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