The following is a workshop I taught on using Moodle….

Welcome to the Doing the Moodle Mambo web site! The work of organizing these pages, as well as teaching workshops gave rise to the Doing the Moodle Mambo: Fostering New Literacies article. I hope you’ll take a moment to read it since it summarizes a few approaches to how Moodle is being used in schools. More important than just a technology tool, it challenges us to teach different and makes it possible.


  1. Learn how to setup a Moodle site. – This section is for the techies in the group.
  2. Become aware of how to use the various features of Moodle in your classroom.
  3. Become aware of excellent resources available for using Moodle.

Differentiated Agendas

About Moodle

Podcast Interviews using Moodle

Moodle Installation and Other YouTube Videos

Before moving on to the Visual Installation Walkthrough of Moodle on Windows, you might want to watch one of these videos on YouTube:

Portable Moodle

SCORM Compliant Courses

How To Moodle

Enhancing Moodle

You can easily enhance Moodle through the insertion of blocks and/or modules.

What else should go here?

Modelling Use of Moodle In K-12 Education

Sharing Moodle

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